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Transform Your Side Hustle into a Thriving Online Business

Embark on a journey where your unique cultural heritage fuels your entrepreneurial success.

Our exclusive membership platform is designed for black women entrepreneurs, guiding you to convert your side hustle into a flourishing online course or membership site.

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Is Women in Digital Business Premium Membership Right for You?

Are you a black woman entrepreneur seeking to leverage your cultural richness in the digital business space?

Do you desire a supportive community where diversity and empowerment are celebrated, and you can learn from the success stories of others who've turned their side hustles into thriving digital businesses?

Are you ready to take your online business skills to the next level with specialised, in-depth courses and resources?

Do you feel the need for expert guidance in areas like goal setting, time management, and effective marketing to grow your membership business?

Are you looking for a community that offers not just learning but real growth opportunities and networking with other ambitious entrepreneurs?

Are you seeking an exclusive experience that connects you with your heritage and global business opportunities?

Do you want to refine your leadership skills, scalable offers, and business strategies in an environment that celebrates and leverages your cultural background?

Are you aiming to significantly increase your earnings and reach new heights in your digital business, while joining a mastermind of like-minded leaders?

Seriously - so done
   with this!!!
Yep, I hear you!
Do You See Yourself in Any of These Scenarios?

Then, Our Premium Access Membership was made Just for You to:

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So... Ready to Elevate Your Digital Business with Premium Access?

At This Point, You Have 2 Choices:

Choice 1: Go It Alone...

But, let's face it, that's a path filled with uncertainty. It can cost you a LOT of time, money, energy, and frustration. The digital business world is vast and complex, and navigating it by yourself can be daunting.


Choice 2: Take a Massive Shortcut with Premium Access

This is your fastest route to success in the online business world. Imagine being at the top of your game, every day, throughout the year.

...And you won't be alone. You'll be part of a global network of world-class digital entrepreneurs, all ready to support and guide you whenever you face challenges.

Let's Achieve Success Together!



Before Joining Women in Digital Business



  • Struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving online business landscape.

  • Frequently feeling stuck, leading to diminished performance and results.

  • Losing confidence in your ability to grow and manage your digital business effectively.

  • Fear of falling behind competitors due to a lack of updated knowledge and strategies.

  • Wasting precious time and resources trying to figure everything out on your own.


After Joining Women in Digital Business



  • Always up-to-date with the latest developments and effective strategies in the online business world.

  • Overcome challenges swiftly with the support of community members and expert mentors.

  • Regain and boost your confidence in driving successful outcomes and excelling in your business.

  • Stay consistently ahead of your competitors with cutting-edge knowledge and insights.

  • Access all the essential resources, tools, and guidance you need, right at your fingertips.

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If you've scrolled this far

you might be wondering, 'Is this membership worth it?' We believe it is, but of course, we're the creators – passionate about empowering women in digital business.

Yes, there's a wealth of free information out there, and it can take you far. But the real challenge is knowing what to focus on and where to begin.

Our membership is an unprecedented collection of advanced strategies and learnings specifically for black women entrepreneurs.

Join us, and we’ll guide you in elevating your skills.

Stay ahead with the latest developments in digital entrepreneurship.

Imagine the impact:

  • More confidence in your abilities, leading to expanding your business.
  • Increased trust from clients, leading to longer partnerships.
  • Enhanced skills for you and your team, fostering a fulfilling work environment.

Visualize the end of 2024, reflecting on this moment, this decision, as the catalyst for a transformative year for you and your business.

So, are you ready to take this leap?

We’re excited to welcome you into a community of visionary women entrepreneurs, all eager to grow and succeed together.

Let's craft your success story together!


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Become the Leading Digital Entrepreneur You're Meant to Be. 

Our exclusive membership site for black women in business opens quarterly so we can set each cohort up with success. Have you missed us? No worries! Join our waitlist to be the first in line when we reopen.

Premium Access

Special Founder Price:
£199 for a Full Year

Year Membership for 1 Person: Valued at Over £7,000.

  • EmpowerHer Growth Program: Led by Natalia Nicholson for a focused, three-month sprint valued at £3,000. Gain the knowledge, tools, and support to start, grow and scale your business, setting you up for success and financial independence.

  •   Jump into the "Ultimate Digital Bootcamp for Start-Ups: Valued at £750, you will learn to align your online membership or content site with your audience's needs using successful funnel examples and case studies. Discover strategies to captivate and convert, unlocking your online community's potential.

  •   Copywriting Masterclass: Sharpen your writing skills to craft messages that truly resonate, engage, and inspire action, fostering deeper relationships with your audience that truly resonate, engage, and inspire action. All in 21 days valued at £1500

  •  Unlock Asana workflows: Streamline your journey through our EmpowerHer program. This tool provides a clear, structured path to keep you focused, productive and on track with your goals valued at £300

  •  Monthly Expert Support From Natalia: Our monthly Q&A webinars offer a unique opportunity to dive deeper into your learning, ask questions, navigate challenges and accelerate your success in post-course modules. This is invaluable.

  •  Exclusive Bonus Course Access: Unlock exclusive WIDB courses and resources to support the EmpowerHer program valued at £750.

  •  EmpowerHer Daily Hustle Kickstart MasterClass: Morning routine masterclass for entrepreneurship valued at £250

  •  Accountability Pods & Community Support: Enjoy regular check-ins, a supportive forum, and interactive webinars for continuous engagement valued at £300

  •  Continuous Learning to Master Classes: Access all current and future workshops and resources and keep abreast of digital trends, adding thousands in value.

  •  Vibrant Community Forum: Join a lively community forum for networking and support valued at £200

  •  Community Events: Engage in online and in-person Q&As, Masterclasses, and more, worth £300.

  •  Locked-in Founding Members Price: Secure your price permanently, ensuring it will never increase.

  •  "Buy 1 Give 1 Membership - She Grows Digital": Support women in Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia.

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See you on the inside!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is Premium Access Membership?

Premium Access is an exclusive membership program designed for Black women entrepreneurs. It offers comprehensive resources like masterclasses, boot camps, and personal growth tools to help you launch, grow, and scale your online business.


Who is this membership ideal for?

This membership is perfect for Black female authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and business owners who want to transform their side hustle into a successful digital business.


What differentiates Premium Access from Open Access?

While Open Access provides a supportive community and basic resources for free, Premium Access offers in-depth, structured programs like the EmpowerHer MasterClass, Digital Bootcamp, and personalized mentorship that are essential for serious business growth.


How long does the membership last?

Your membership is valid for one full year from the date of purchase. This period gives you ample time to take full advantage of all the resources and grow your business.


What does the EmpowerHer Daily Hustle Kickstart MasterClass include?

This MasterClass includes daily routines of meditation, affirmations, and visualization, along with training in goal setting, time management, self-care, and consistency, all tailored to boost your entrepreneurial spirit.


Can I benefit from Premium Access if I'm new to online business?

Absolutely! The Ultimate Digital Bootcamp for Start-Ups is designed to guide you from the very basics of starting your online business to establishing a solid digital presence.


What if I have no experience in copywriting?

Our Copywriting Masterclass is suitable for beginners. It will take you through a 21-day journey to develop skills in creating compelling content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions.


Is there a community or network I can interact with as part of this membership?

Yes, one of the key benefits of Premium Access is the opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs for motivation, support, and inspiration.


What is the "Buy 1 Give 1 Membership - She Grows Digital" initiative?

For every Premium Access membership purchased, we support a woman entrepreneur from Africa, the Caribbean, or Asia by providing access to educational resources and helping to empower women globally.


How do I know if Premium Access is worth the investment?

Consider the comprehensive nature of our offerings, the exclusive access to expert guidance, and the potential ROI in terms of business growth and skill development. Many of our members have seen significant progress in their businesses, making this a worthwhile investment.

Here's What Others Are Saying...